magnetic collector

Heavy Duty Magnet Kit -
assures removal of nail
and dangerous debris


edge markers

Edge Marker KIt
- clearly defined broom edge to operators



end collectors

Debris Collector Ends
-assures removal of nail
and dangerous debris

bucket guide kit Fork hitch Skidsteer hitch
Pro hitch bucket guide
Enables easy attachment
to bucket lip
Fork hitch
Fits most standard fork
tines utilising chain
securing system
Skidsteer hitch
Standard quick-hitch plate fits most major skidsteer loaders
prohitch 3-point kit Fork sleeve hitch oversized fork sleeve

Pro hitch 3 point kit
Hitches directly to traditional category ll 3 point hitch

Fork sleeve hitch
Accepts most standard fork tines using simple pin latch system
Model: FSH-200
Oversized fork sleeve
For6"x 2"/150x50mm forks
Model FSH-200A
pro skidsteer hitch 3 point hitch quick hitch
Pro skidsteer hitch
Attaches to most major
skidsteer loaders
Three point hitch
Hitches directly to traditional
3 point hitch
Model: TPH-200

Quick hitch
Enables easy attachment
directly to your telehandler without the use of
pallet forks
Model: SCH-200